Other Services

While long-term partnerships are the core business model for Summit, we recognize that some clients may wish to consume specific services and capabilities. These capabilities underpin our modernization and cloud strategies, but can be consumed individually.
  • Banking Data Warehouse Services – which include a ubiquitous data analytics framework that has been developed to ingest a diverse set of consumer and banking information – across a variety of disparate sources (e.g., Core, Mobile, CRM) – and allow you to easily visualize, or feed into a marketing and engagement platform to drive customer behavior.
  • Application Development Services – with a specific focus on integration, data visualization, file movement automation, reconciliation, back-office balancing, RPA, and governance.
  • Splunk Cloud Implementation Services – serves as our strategic log aggregation and intelligence platform across numerous clients.
  • Security Practice Consulting – enables you to engage with our CISSP team members for monthly or annual certifications around your cloud or infrastructure practice.
  • Office 365 Email Migration Practice – is focused on individually migrating email and collaboration platform services.  This is a specific framework for best practices in the financial services space, including 2FA and, relevant controls around compliance, retention, archiving and management.