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We at STG have built a platform for bankers, by bankers. STG is committed to providing low cost, high efficiency banking solutions to thousands of banking organizations across the United States. By utilizing the power of the Cloud using Amazon Web Services, STG engineers have designed and built tailor-made solutions to fit whatever needs a client may have.


Many of our AWS certified engineers have backgrounds in banking and related fields, dedicating to help you navigate the diverse world of Amazon Web Services and other related Cloud services. Whether it be setting up your centralized banking platform, or building your customized call center using Amazon Connect, we have you covered. Whether the project is big, small, or somewhere in between, we can provide the Cloud solution you need while maintaining cost-efficiency, security, and scalability for all of your banking needs.

Customer Success Stories

Our solutions and products are client driven. We are proud to share their stories and invite you to contact them to learn more about the change we have enabled for them.

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