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This list is constantly growing! Our AWS certified engineers are working hard to expand our network of validated qualifications and provide top notch service to our customers. Even if you don't find a service listed, chances are we've worked with it before and are more than happy to have a chance to work with it again!

STG + Amazon EC2 for Windows Server

Amazon EC2 for Windows Server is a Microsoft Windows operating system designed for use on EC2 instances running on the AWS Cloud. Windows Server allows for easy management of Microsoft AD, Microsoft SQL Server, and many other Microsoft technology service integrations while keeping all service licenses in one central location. STG utilizes Amazon EC2 for Windows Server to host an array of applications unable to run on other operating systems while maintaining cost efficiency, security, and performance optimization.

  • Customer Success Story - Wittenbach Business Systems

    Wittenbach (WBS) came to STG with an application they wanted hosted on the Cloud. This application was developed to only run on Windows operating systems, but Wittenbach still wanted to take advantage of the lower costs, higher resilience, and remote nature of the Cloud. STG was able to utilize Amazon EC2 for Windows Server to deliver the desired features and benefits Wittenbach sought without needing to redevelop their application to run on Amazon Linux. Overall, Wittenbach reduced their total cost by around 50% as a result of utilizing Windows Server 2016 EC2 instances on the AWS Cloud instead of an on-premises solution.

  • Migrations Made Easier with Windows Server

    One major competency of STG is assisting clients in the migration of their on-premises architecture to the cloud. We usually start by migrating a client's VMware footprint to VMC, a simple lift and shift. We then begin to implement cloud native services such as Amazon S3 for backups and Amazon EC2 instances for Windows Servers. The service validation for Amazon EC2 for Windows Server highlights our proficiency at the next step of migration after the lift and shift step of the process - moving to cloud native network architecture.

STG + Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service, also known as RDS, is a database solution created by AWS designed to provide purpose-built databases to fit the need of any given situation. RDS is fully scalable, highly secure, and highly available while still remaining fully manageable by users and developers. STG utilizes Amazon RDS in many of their Cloud networking solutions to provide customers with low-cost, low-latency, high-performance databases for whatever needs they may have.

  • Have a Database Already? Migrate it!

    Amazon RDS makes migrating existing on-premises databases to the Cloud easier than ever with AWS Database Migration Service. STG's Cloud Architects are well versed in utilizing the Database Migration Service to move all kinds of databases to an online solution with minimal downtime and costs.


AWS WAF, standing for Web Application Firewall, is an AWS service that allows cloud architects to implement rules that mitigate specific common vulnerabilities. These rules are modular, and can be customized to fit whatever solution it needs to. With these rules, STG is able to protect their solutions from issues such as SQL injections, denial of service attacks, cross-site scripting attacks, malware, and many more. These rules may target a specific threat, or may be useful for protecting a specific service, such as a database or Linux instance. STG has experience with setting up all manner of these firewalls, to meet whatever needs the client may have while keeping performance high and costs low.


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