FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10th, 2019

Summit Technology Group (STG) is building a state-of-the-art Banking Innovation and Training Center where financial services professionals will learn modern engineering skills critical to supporting innovation within their banks. This center will welcome banking technologists from around the country who wish to learn cloud engineering skills including how to work with APIs, perform banking integrations, and collaborate with peers and industry experts. The center is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, only minutes from the Harrisburg International Airport.

“Many of our banking partners have sent their technology staff to our headquarters to collaborate with our team and to learn engineering skills that are otherwise difficult to learn in traditional classroom settings.” said Benjamin Wallace, Managing Partner of Summit. “This new innovation and training center will provide space and lab environments to accommodate more banking partners, while offering immersion with Amazon and Microsoft experts.”

With the help of investors including the American Bankers Association, Summit continues to explore new ways to connect with community banks to help them innovate and modernize. The establishment of this center goes directly to the heart of this mission – and has a unique focus on banking professionals. “There isn’t a shortage of fintech incubators, but we don’t find a lot of groups helping foster innovation from within the banking staff and within the four walls of the bank,” said Wallace. “Banks now have the opportunity to send professionals to our shop and learn how we are helping others innovate – they can borrow ideas and deploy best practices right back into their own banks – something I wish I had as a former CIO.”

The Innovation and Training Center is scheduled to open in January of 2020, with more than 10,000 square feet of open collaboration space, a testing lab, a cloud-first network operation center, coupled with an adjacent state-of-the-art conference center capable of hosting more than 100 professionals.

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Summit was founded over 12 years ago with a mission to bring enterprise class IT services to the mid-tier and commercial space. Profitable since inception, Summit has formed a unique partnership with industry leaders focused on helping financial institutions of all sizes modernize their technology and back-office operations.

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Summit Technology Group announces creation of Banking Innovation & Training Center