STG Announces Expansion New Managing Director
CIO of Advisory Services

Summit Technology Consulting Group (STG), a leading software solution, cloud engineering and modernization firm serving the financial services industry, welcomes Matt Growden as Managing Director and CIO of Bank Advisory Services.


Matt Growden joins STG after a long tenure serving the community banking industry – most recently as CIO of First United Bank and Trust. Mr. Growden will help expand STG’s technical bench helping our most progressive banking clients engineer cloud first operating platforms to support their growth and drive down operational costs.

Mr. Growden holds several degrees in Computer Science, is a graduate of the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the Wharton School, and holds several industry certifications, including CISSP and AWS certifications. Matt has experience navigating complex core banking negotiations and has an intimate understanding of how to create operating leverage for Banks using technology.

STG, whose investors have included American Bankers Association, and Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank is focused on helping community and regional banks modernize their operations, technology delivery, and back-office processes. STG supports over 200 community institutions in their efforts to modernize their delivery of banking services.

“Matt's deep understanding of the community banking ecosystem, including core providers, gives us more fire power to help our clients think differently about how to operate their banks.”
--Thulasidharan LG, CRO

“We are thrilled to welcome Matt and look forward to extending his technical leadership to our clients.”
-- Ben Wallace, CEO