Banking Cybersecurity Threats to Consider in 2024

A fireside chat with Arctic Wolf

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Banking data is now and forever will be a prime target for cyber attacks. Finance IT teams have a difficult ongoing task of protecting data, access and infrastructure. After conversations with our military contacts, customers, and via experience and dedicated research, Clair Finkenbinder of STG and Christopher Fielder of Arctic Wolf are teaming up to bring their analysis of threats to consider when planning for 2024.

A few of the topics they plan to discuss include:

  • Vendor Management – Supply Chain Exposure

  • Zero Day Threats

  • Cloud Adoption \ Threat Plane Expansion

  • AI \ ML Impacts on Security (Good Guys & Threat Actors)

  • Employee Cyber Awareness

  • Cyber Security Insurance & Rising Costs

Why do Banking IT and security teams need to plan now? Because threats are getting ever more persistent and sophisticated.

Watch the replay.


Clair Finkenbinder, EVP of Sales, Summit Technology Group

Clair Finkenbinder joined STG after most recently serving as EVP Chief Information Officer & Director of Operations for Centric Bank. Mr. Finkenbinder has a deep history of identifying solutions to address business challenges, with recently demonstrated wins on the executive team at Centric driving the core conversion to Jack Henry Silverlake, rollout of nCino's Commercial LOS solution, and orchestrated a 3 year data center modernization strategy. Prior to joining Centric Bank Mr. Finkenbinder was the Systems Engineering Director for the Mid Market East Division for Dell \ EMC for 11 years, where he led a team of technology sales managers and professionals. Before his departure from Dell, Mr. Finkenbinder was identified as one of Dells Most Trusted Leaders for four consecutive years.

Christopher Fielder, Field CTO, Arctic Wolf

Christopher Fielder has been in the cybersecurity world for over 20 years with experience ranging from military, government, and corporate environments. Christopher holds 18 industry certifications including the CISSP, GPEN, GISP, GCFE, GSEC, GCIH, CEH, and more; along with a Master’s Degree in Information Security. Today he is the Field CTO for Arctic Wolf where he enjoys researching emerging security trends and highlighting the expertise of the Arctic Wolf team.